What does "open box" and "recertified" mean?

Unless otherwise stated, the Logitech branded products that reforger.com offers are open-box "recertified". That typically means that the customer returned the item to Logitech for reasons other than being defective (like their computer does not have the minimum system requirements, or they received the item as a gift and brought it back to the store). Typically, the only way to distinguish these from brand new is that Logitech blacks out the tiny serial numbers on the bottoms of the products, and removes the UPC code from the retail box if one is included..

Our technicians check each product out to make sure they are in fully working condition, and then carefully repackage them for sale.

Our Logitech products usually do not include software or manuals. However, any needed software can be downloaded using the link in the item description, or directly from the Logitech web site.. As for packaging, the mice, cameras, headsets, webcams, and gamepads are usually in sealed clear plastic bags. The keyboard sets are most often packaged & shipped in their own retail boxes.

All the items we sell have a "non-doa" warranty (doa meaning "dead on arrival" or "damaged on arrival"). That means that if it arrives non-working, damaged, or you are in any way dissatisfied with it, you may return the item for a replacement or a refund at your discretion within 30 days of purchase. If you look at our ebay ratings, you'll see that overwhelmingly customers are very satisfied with these products. There's a good reason why we set an eBay world record for consecutive positive feedback comments!